Six-Channel Human Vibration Meter & Analyser



SV 106 Six-channel Human Vibration Meter and Analyser meets requirements of ISO 8041:2005 standard and it is an ideal choice for measurements according to ISO 2631-1,2&5 and ISO 5349.


This revolutionary, pocket-size instrument enables simultaneous measurements with two triaxial accelerometers (e.g. both-hands vibration or triaxial SEAT transmission measurements are possible).


The RMS, Peak, Peak-Peak, VDV, MTVV or dose results such as A(8) and AEQ with all required weighting filters for human vibration measurements, including band-limiting filters, are available with this instrument. Using computational power of its digital signal processor, the SV 106 can perform 1/1 or 1/3 octave real-time analysis simultaneously to the meter mode.


Advanced time-history logging and time-domain signal recording (according to the ISO 2631-5) to the microSD flash card offer a great data input for detailed signal analysis. Results can be easily downloaded to PC using USB interface.


The instrument works with Svantek’s specialist health and safety software package, “Supervisor”, and also with the full analysis package SVAN PC++.
The whole-body vibration measurement is easier thanks to SV 38V seat-accelerometer which can be placed directly on the seat cushion, floor or fixed to the back of the seat.  The SV 105A set with triaxial accelerometer enables hand-arm vibration measurements regardless of the type of evaluated tool.









  • Human Vibration Meter meeting ISO 8041:2005,

  • ISO 2631-1,2&5 (including VDV and MTVV) and ISO 5349

  • Six channels for acceleration (IEPE type) and two channels for static force measurements

  • Whole-Body measurements with  seat accelerometer SV 38V

  • Hand-Arm measurements with SV 105A or SV 150 triaxial accelerometers

  • Option for time-domain signal recording (meeting ISO 2631-5)

  • 1/1 and 1/3 octave real-time analysis (option)

  • Advanced data logger including spectral analysis

  • Micro SD flash card for mass data storage

  • USB 1.1 Client interface

  • Integration time programmable up to 24 h

  • SvanPC+ software for easy instrument setup and data download

  • Easy in use, user friendly interface with colour display

  • Pocket size (140 x 83 x 33 millimetres)

  • Weight only 390 grams including batteries


SV 106 Human Vibration Level Meter Specification Vibration Level Meter & Analyser